So the conflict continues in my mind on whether to downsize and move into a single level home or to make some improvements to my home and stay here forever. My neighbor commented recently, “I’m never moving. They will have to carry me out in a box!” While this comment made me smile, I have to say that I can relate to his feeling about making a move.

These days people are remaining healthy and active well into their 80’s and even 90’s, so if we take good care of ourselves, why would we want to move? Well, here are 3 reasons why, at some point, we may want to consider it.

1. Social engagement - Studies have shown that people who stay actively engaged socially and intellectually live longer, healthier and more satisfying lives. When you talk to people who are active, they will tell you the reason they are healthy at the age of 83, 93 and 103, is because they have stayed active and have stayed engaged. Living in a community that supports active engagement makes it easier and more manageable.

2. The house becomes a burden - As we age, sometimes managing a household becomes a burden. With burden comes stress and with stress comes exhaustion, overwhelm and eventually can turn into health issues.

3. Health and wellness - In addition to staying socially active and reducing stress, a key component to successful aging is proper nutrition and exercise. Living a sedentary lifestyle contributes to increased risk of disease, falls and hospitalizations. Living in an active adult community providing meals, people find that they experience increase in their energy, decreased illness and an overall positive outlook on life.

The bottom line is even if we are youthful and active today, it makes sense to have a long term plan which includes a “what if”. Most people don’t plan to have a crisis situation, but if something were to occur such as an illness or injury, it helps to have a contingency plan in place outlining what the next step would be regarding where you would want to live.

Studies show that older adults living in senior communities are much happier when they are able to choose the place they want to live. Unfortunately, once an event occurs, the choice is sometimes no longer available and others end up making the decision for you. Even with your best interests in mind, they won’t always know what you really want.

Too often, I find that families don't know where to turn when they need a compassionate agent who is adept at the complex challenges associated with helping a senior adult transition from a home of many years. My senior resource team and I have been helping seniors on the move for most of my career. If you would like to begin a conversation, with no obligation, about a potential move for yourself or a loved one, call (805)710-2415 or email me at 

Nancy Puder is a Certified Senior Housing Professional and a real estate broker associate in Pismo Beach, CA. Nancy resource team of senior professionals is outstanding.